Noob Question need advice about best foot forward

Hi to everyone,

I have run my own web development business for many years now, and I have recently started using WP for all our appropriate web deployments. having recently joined WPMU (which I am very excited about) I have a question and would like to glean some info and direction from some of you more experienced guys and gals in this field.

Due to demands on my time, I have not really had time to truly explore WMPU to the full, so here is my question, I am wanting to deploy all the available themes into one WP install with example data so the themes are populated so we can use this as a showcase / template selection for our potential clients.

Although I am very familiar with the inner workings of a single WP deployment, I am envisaging that I could have a deployment that allows my sales team to go to our website, pull up our WordPress page and then sit with a client and basically flick through all the templates that are available with a theme switcher or something similar, giving my guys in the field the ability to choose a design template with the client without us having to build several mock deploys prior to closing a deal.

I am sure the WP multi site might be the way to go but I have very limited knowledge on this, hence me reaching out in the forum for some directions please.

I am sure that I am missing a lot of the benefits to WPMU as a business owner in the resale market and rather than waste time, I felt I should ask you all your opinions and guidance so I can leverage my WPMU to the maximum benefit for both my clients my sales teams and my business.

Any pointers recommendations will be greatly received and appreciated. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post and also to assist me in my learning curve here so I can springboard this fantastic resource.

Best wishes to everyone :wink:
Ryan Cunningham
Construct Media Inc

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    Greetings Ryan Cunningham,

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev member!

    There are many possible routes to take with this type of project.

    It is my opinion that a Multisite install using Market Press plugin as the front end would be the best choice for accomplishing this mission.

    Market Press would be where the static store front is kept with a display of thumbnails of the templates including brief data such as name and possibly a price or the price removed.

    If not wanting to show a price selling the themes outright the button can be changed to say something like view.

    Market Press offers shortcodes for displaying products if one did not want to use a template pre-built for Market Press like Grid Market.

    Market Press offer when the button is clicked on to be taken to an external link which could be a full mockup of the chosen template.

    In this case each template could have its own sub site in the network for display with a corresponding URL to the template. i.e. main site is --> sub sites etc.

    Using other plugins, content could be shared from a single setup sub site through out the entire network. i.e. RSS feeds for posts, Global Author Posts Feed, Global Comments Feed etc.

    In addition the same above described for content could be used for widgets i.e. Recent Comments Widget, Recent Custom Posts etc.

    You could also easily demonstrate fancy editions like Pop Up!, Floating Social etc. by simply network activating them or having site by site activation if they are not applicable or undesirable for a certain template setup.

    I hope this helps you share my vision of how this could all work together to create a flexible display of sites and blogs to share with your clients.

    Thanks again for being a WPMU Dev member.

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

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    Firstly thanks so much for your detailed response, and BTW I think your going to be great in a support role my friend :wink:. So I get the whole setting up the market press thing I guess what I am having trouble getting my head around is the Multi Site install ? Is this a different type of WP install? I hate to sound like such a noob on this but I am juggling so many balls right now I have not the time to sit and read all the info as I am traveling between appointments. Could you point me in the right direction for the Multisite install is there a Tute somewhere I can read?

    Thanks again for all your assistance BTW I am so impressed with WPMU it has to be the best dev tool / group I have joined in many years and again I extend my gratitude for your assistance and suggestions.


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