Not a Easy one :) How to un do Multi-Domains

Hello There

This is going to be fun :slight_smile: but i no this will be almost impossible to do but i know some were there is a clever Dude or Dudedet that has done this before.

I had a customer that parked his domain names on my system trough Multi-Domains Plunging yes he was a super admin.

Now the problem is i would like to dump all the sites BUT i would also like to rename all the blogs the users added.

Recap must now be

I have used this script before: for easy stuff with single WordPress site and it works well.

But now i have to do the same thing trough 4096 + Home + Global DBs this is starting to sound crazy but i know it is doable.

Ps Yes now use MultiDB as there is no support for ..... Sorry let me not say and to convert from ... MultiDB to was super easy

Thank you cool CATS love it here at WPMU DEF

Mark de Scande