Not able to activate user after registering into multiuser buddypress setup

Hi There,

I have purchased your Membership plugin for multiuser buddypress setup. I have installed it and activated it. I have created an access level named “Fresher”. I have added “Pages” from main rules into “Positive rules”. I have selected all the pages (including “Activate” page) to be allowed to this access level.

Then I have created a subscription also named “Fresher”, which contains “Fresher” access level.

Then, from “Options” menu of “Membership” plugin, I set “Fresher” access level in “Stranger settings”. This means, if user is logged in or not, it will be treated with “Fresher” access level.

And I also selected “Fresher” subscription in “User registration”. It means, if user registers in buddypress site, he will be assigned “Fresher” subscription initially.

So now, I register a user in my localhost buddypress site. The user is not activated yet. So I run this (http://localhost/buddypress/activate?key=f704c05acc44dda1) URL to activate that newly registered user. This is “activate” URL. But as I run this URL from my browser, it redirects me to “Protected page” (http://localhost/buddypress/protected/). It should allow me to activate user after registration process.

Please help me to resolve this issue out. Let me know if I am missing anything in settings or not?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards