Not able to login to WPMU DEV dashboard plugin

I can log in to just fine... but when I use the same username and password in the plugin it does not work. I also tried to change my password in my profile settings and that did not work either. How is it that I am able to login to the website but not through the plugin? Aren't the credentials the same?

  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @Ty, Michael here! :slight_smile:

    Yep, it'd be the same as what you're using to log into our site here, may I ask if you've tried uninstalling & re-installing our Dashboard plugin? If not, I'd give that a shot.

    If that still doesn't get things going, then I'd try disabling the other plugins on your site, and then trying to log in again.

    And if that doesn't work, then we'll want to have a deeper look at things. In that case, could you please send in the following via our secure contact form:

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    Please advise,

  • Ty
    • New Recruit

    So... why would I be able to login to but not be able to set a new password in the profile settings? When I try to reset my password, I enter my "old password" (the one I use to login in the first place), but it just gives me the message "Password not changed". I am 100% positive that I'm entering the correct "Old Password" and that the new password that I enter is identical in both fields. Any guesses as to why I'm having this problem?

  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @Ty, glad to hear you got this sorted out. :slight_smile:

    I wouldn't think that entering an old password (the current one?) would cause the password to be changed, the system probably wasn't changing it for that reason alone before.

    As for there being a character limit, I'm not seeing that there's one presently, just tried with a test account of mine. Definitely curious that you ran into this, but at least it's sorted now. :slight_smile:

    Merry Christmas!

    Kind Regards,

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