Not able to restore multisite snapshot at new site / server


I am trying to move my test multi-site to a better wordpress install/server on a different IP. As a test run, I was able to restore a single-site on the same server with nearly the same exact configuration. I followed the steps in to restore a multisite. I essentially took a snapshot of the mainsite, uploaded it to a public dropbox directory and imported from their to the new server.

When I am trying to restore, I get several red messages saaying: “you can restore the back up to a different site when the destination blog must exist. Before you can change configuration you need to assign to an existing ccount”….”Restore Note: Url mismatch…”, “Restore Note: The archive includes user meta… you should select “Restore Selected database etc.””…

The Restore button is not activated. It is grayed out. I changed a few check boxes to try but it does not seem to work? Please advise.