Not All groups showing in Drop Down when posting new topic from the 'Forum Directory'

Hi there,
This sin't a problem with any theme or product from thsi site but i think an issue with BP itself.

I am building a site currently with over 1000 different groups.
I have so far created 107 of the groups in order to test the site but one bug I have noticed is when trying to post a new topic from the 'Forum directory'.

If you click on the New Topic button, a drop down comes down where you can add the title and the topic content and then there is another drop down from where you can select which forum to place the new topic.

This drop down only shows me the first 100 topics in alphabetical order.

I am able to post in the missing forums through the forums themselves but I can only see 100 groups in this forum directory way of posting.

I am the group creator of every group and a member of each so it is nothing to do with permissions.

I imagine most BP sites don't have the huge amount of groups I have so maybe the code only allows for 100 groups to be in that list. Anyone else have more than 100 groups?

Any help to sort this would be invaluable.
Thanks in advance,
Ross :slight_smile: