Not all javascripts are loaded

I’m having an issue where not all the javascripts seem to load on our site. Some plugins aren’t (completely) working, and I can’t figure out why.

The console doesn’t give any real error (just one, related to one of the plugins, but disabling that plugin doesn’t fix it). I’ve tried turning off all plugins and starting them one by one, but to no avail.

The frontpage for the Sliderpro, and the instagram feed (the ‘load more’ button on the facebook feed doens’t work either),

The theme was created by my, can you help you me fixing this issue?

  • Jeroen
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    Thanks, I’d agree – problem is that I fixed it with a pinch of luck and I’m still not quite sure where the issue was. But a little background, the theme I used, I started develop from scratch in 2012/2013 and it has grown ever since. The site itself is much older (dating back to 1996 actually and grew to be over 3600 static HTML pages before I converted it to WP). Gradually I introduced bootstrap into the theme, while various functionality was added over time. As you can imagine, it’s now quite a spaghetti of things. I’m actually working on a fresh new theme for this site, but it will take a while before that is done. The site is by the way. Anyway, recently I enabled the site to be fully https, got a new server with a newer PHP version etc etc. After that migration, I noticed that some plugins didn’t load the JS file while others did. I found a template page where everything did work, so I compared headers & footers and it boiled down to a conflict between bootstrap, jquery (manually loaded) and one or two plugins. I’ve reset everything to use the jquery used by WP and used functions.php to load bootstrap. Killed a plugin I didn’t need anymore and it’s all working again, so now I can focus on continuing building the new theme, using current coding standards :slight_smile:

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