Not all service providers showing on exceptions/working hours

I have a list of service providers:
Advanced Handgun Training 2
Armed Guard Training
Chemical Spray
Handgun Permit 2 Night Class
Handgun Permit Day Class
Recertification for Armed Guard
Unarmed Guard2

The problem is that Handgun Permit Day Class is not listed on the exceptions/working hours page.

  • mainstreethost
    • Mainstreethost

    The service provider in question has services attached to it. What's weird is that if you look at the screenshot I attached, the "Handgun Permit Day Class" doesn't show up in the dropdown list, but "Jenny Owen" and "Richard Owen" do! Those users don't have services assigned to them! Weird

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    sorry for the delay.

    i'm going to flag the developer for some feedback on this as I can't replicate this.

    it's supposed to not be possible for providers to not have services, as the way to delete a provider from apps+ is actually to remove all services from the provider.

    hope this helps.

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