not getting full duplication of blog templates with plugin

I have four templates in my New Blog Templates plugin. I am not getting full replication of the blog templates when a new site is created. Here are a few problems:

1. It looks like the images in the media library are not being copied over.
2. The background is not copied over from the Appearance > Background setting.
3. Sometimes the pages are not being copied over.
4. Images in a slider are not being copied over.

Here is one of my original templates which was used to build a New Blog template: (this is what it should end up looking like). This is the result of my test: You can see the pages are missing and there is no background image.

I checked the templates in the New Blog Templates dashboard and they look fine. Not sure why this is not working now, because I have created a few sites a couple months ago and they came out fine from the default template.

The default template does better, but it still strips out the background image. Pages are created okay.

There are more serious problems with all templates beyond the default template.

I'll leave them in place until I hear back from you all, but may need to delete most of them until I can get them working properly.

I can grant access if you want. I see this is a new feature.

Thanks, Joe.