not importing

I'm not getting any imports and the Import Now button is not displayed.

I tracked down the line of code that displays the button and its wrapped in an condition:

if (@Wdgpo_Options::get_token())

Forcing the input button to appear and clicking it just makes it says "working..." but doesn't actually import anything. I've got the auth settings setup and the page id correct.

Any ideas?


    There is no TEST button. There is an Authenticate button. The first time I clicked it, G+ asked me to authenticate. Now when I click it, it just redirects to the URL specified as the Authorized Redirect URIs which is the domain url.

    Steven Mautone

    This issue was never resolved and there seems to be two open threads about this Google+ Plugin problem.

    I'm not getting any imports and my Authenticate button always says Authenticate... never Test.

    I'm Network Enabled but configuring a specific site... and using a Google Apps account.

    Steven Mautone

    I'm wondering if this might be tied to the fact that I'm using a Google Apps account on Google+. Another thought is that it might be tied to using subdomains rather than subdirectories?

    Thank you for looking into this! My MS is somewhat based on a strong connection to Google, so I'd really like to get this figured out!




    The attached version has some updates that might be the solution for your issue. If this isn't the case and you're still not able to authenticate/authorize your app, the attached update also comes with some logging abilities. If clicking "Authenticate" button still doesn't work for you, could you please switch your logging level to "Debugging level" and try hitting "Authenticate" button again, then check your error log, by clicking the "Show log" link at the bottom of your options page?

    Steven Mautone

    Thank you, VeBailovity! That did the trick!

    I installed your update and all I had to do was click the Authenticate button and it worked on the first try. The button changed to say Test and when I tested I pulled in a few posts. Everythign seems to be working perfectly right now syncing content with my profile as well as a page... both connected with a Google Apps account.

    Verified: FIXED

    Steven Mautone

    Vladislav and Mason,

    I'm not sure if I should re-open this issue or start another thread, but after we fixed the importing bug the plugin is now giving me trouble duplicating each post that gets imported.

    Each post from my Google Apps Google+ Profile gets posted to my blog 4 times. Sometimes, if I post several times in a single day then one of the posts gets duplicated many times while others do not.

    Any ideas how to fix this?



    This is quite weird - the thing is, the plugin will attach a bit of metadata with each imported post to make sure it's imported only once. The first thing that pops to mind is that on your install something goes wrong with writing this bit of metadata for some reason. If you're comfortable with checking the database tables, can you please check postmeta table entries for your your duplicated post, and look for rows with meta_key "wdgpo_gplus_item_id" - is it being set, and if so, is the meta_value field in that row actually the same for your duplicated posts?


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