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One of the great features of a WP network is that I can log in for the whole network. Meaning I’m still logged in with the same username when I browse the network (my tool bar displayed on all blogs for instance).

Now I’m using Domain Mapping plugin, which works great, but I’m loosing my session on all mapped domains. I can even log in with another username on those blogs!

Could something be done to keep default WordPress’s behavior?


  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings asimetrick,

    We have found in previous threads that this is caused by cookies and cannot be overcome without opening other security risks.

    I’ll explain, when visiting or logging into a MultiSite using the main domain or sub domain thereof, one is cookied with that domain and you are recognized across the network because the cookie informs WordPress that you are in fact authenticated.

    When you go to a Mapped Domain it is no longer relative to the original or main domain and therefore WordPress no longer recognizes that you have indeed authenticated.

    Now we have explored getting around this but then one would need to be cookied all at one time for every mapped domain in the network. In addition, this would open up massive security holes.

    Therefore this is not instituted and I am sure you can understand why. Example: An admin of logs in and is cookied with all domains and now can log into any of the domains within the network and modify the contents therein.

    i hope this helps give a clear understanding why this practice is not done.

    Cheers, Joe

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