changes to auto-message

hello dudes in tights and Kasia Swiderska

So - The plugin automessage, understands two variables.
The first is that there are 31 days in the universe, which is fine,
and the next is that there is only birth - being created on the site.

there are a couple of other triggers on my planet, specifically - buying something on marketpress - and joining dripped membership and needing to be reminded that TODAY there's new stuff for you, and booking your very first appointment with me.

here's my question.
automessage checks and updates user_meta to keep track of what's been sent for whom.
i figure the limitations are because not all variables is a "point in time" like "being created"?
and you need a "point in time" to be "send immediately" and to count days?

is that the limitation?

would making it fire from other events, mean that as soon as they are true, there needs to be a "time stamp" added to user_meta for it to be a viable trigger?

how long will that take to implement the integration with other wpmudev plugins?
And - how can i put it on the to do list?