Not Really Sure How I Should Setup Sub-Domains With Membership


First let me just say, I love your site and all the value you guys give to your members is truly impressive to say the least.

I am trying to setup a multi site network and I also would like to have a membership site. The problem I am having is this. I love the theme I am using and it's defiantly a premium theme with a ton of options. But it does not give me the option to setup a landing page for my site that would hide the menu or allow me to add different tabs for the sales funnel.

I would like the landing page to have a different menu in-place for visitors to checkout. I don't want them to be distracted my all the tabs I have in-place for my paid members and I don't want my paid members to think that the landing page tabs are part of the training they are paying for.

So the only thing I could think of doing is adding a sub-domain for the membership site with a different Wordpress Install so I could provide a separate menu for my members to follow the step by step courses.

Example: ( Sub-domain

I was thinking the main site could serve as the landing page so I could provide product pages and testimonials that visitors could see by clicking through the different tabs. I believe it would encourage them to buy the product and/or products.

Example: ( Main-domain

Is there and easy way to create different menus on a single WP install or am I thinking the right way? I was worried doing the Sub-domain method would make it harder to integrate stuff and potentially force me to add members to the blogging network on the main site manually after they pay for a membership on the Sub-domain (

Thanks in advance for any advice!

-Seth Riley