Not receiving email notifications on new orders anymore.

I'm no longer receiving email notifications on new orders. I have MarketPress PRO theme, functioning Marketpress 3.9. I was receiving email notifications on new orders until two days ago. I have not made any updates and all my plug-ins are up to date.

I understand that my theme is no longer being supported by the developer, since it will not be compatible with future wordpress versions. So, I have not updated Wordpress to 4.1.

Please help me. thank you.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, Jaclyn!

    Let's see if we can figure out why the emails are no longer working. I know that feeling of discovering something that used to work great one day suddenly stopped, with no apparent cause.

    The good news, there's always a cause, we just need to track it down.

    1. Have you tested MarketPress Pro theme with 4.1 to confirm it's not compatible? If so, what's going wrong? Let's see if that's a fixable issue first. WordPress updates at least four times a year, you're going to want to update it in the future. Staying on 4.0 indefinitely is not only going to cause you a lot of headaches with compatibility issues in the future, it's also not nearly as secure as an updated version. If this store is your livelihood, you're going to want to keep it safe and secure. Is MarketPress PRO the only theme that will work for you? Have you taken a look at some of the other themes out there to see if you might find an alternative you like?

    2. Back to the email issue, are you getting other emails? Like when a new member registers? Can you test that by creating a new user via your dashboard and see if you get a notification?

    3. Do you know if your host has done any upgrades recently, maybe upgrading the PHP version or other server work? Most hosts will notify you of anything major they're planning on doing, but it depends on the host.

    4. Are the sales properly reflected everywhere else, as in within MarketPress and in your payment gateway records?

    Thanks for the extra info here!

  • jaclyn_palos_bzura

    Hi there,

    1. I've confirmed and updated wordpress to 4.1.1
    2. I'm not receiving new user or new order notifications. My customers are also not receiving emails when they place an order or when an item has shipped.
    3. I spoke to godaddy and they have not done any major server work recently.
    4. All sales are coming through properly via Paypal and are displayed in 'Manage Orders' properly.

    It almost appears that the email commands are no longer functioning? I'm so concerned.
    *** We are shopping for a new theme, but I'd like to hold on to this as long as possible.
    Thanks for all of your help!

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey jaclyn!

    It does sound like the native WordPress email isn't firing here, but no worries! We can offload email sending to an SMTP service. (Like Gmail, or an old school Yahoo mail account.) This takes the load off your server, and it means you can send/receive email even if your site is down.

    Here's a great plugin to help out here:

    The email system that's built into WordPress relies on PHP mail, which was fantastic in 2003. Since WP is committed to being eternally backwards compatible, they've held onto the old mail system. SMTP would be a better choice even if everything was working right on your site, however, just because it's one less thing your site server has to manage.

    Hope this helps!

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