Not Saving to Dropbox of Google Drive

***I can't seem to respond to a thread on a previous ticket so I'm having to repost it all here in this one... Please help urgently...


Hi there,

I hope you're well and have enjoyed a great start to your week.

I setup Snapshot Pro a few weeks ago to save to both to google drive and dropbox. I set up the destinations and the the snapshots but for some reason they are not working at all.

Please help me work out what the problem is.


Hey Adam,

I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

Your snapshots aren't being saved neither to Dropbox nor to Google Drive, am I correct? Are the snapshots created at all?

Please check it and let me know if there are any other errors displayed in logs. You can check it by going to your dashboard's

"Snapshots" -> "All Snapshots" page

There should be a list of snapshots and for each snapshot there a link to "view" or "download" Latest Log file.

Also, please open your Dropbox destination configuration page and tick the "Force Re-Authorize with Dropbox" checkbox. For Google, please try setting another destination for snapshots, following the Instructions "Add destination" for Google Drive page.

It happens sometimes that Dropbox "looses authorization" for some reason and Google makes some small changes to their API which results in the need to re-authorize applications.

Please give it a try and let me know if it helped!



Hi there,

Thanks for getting back to me, sorry I've not responded sooner. I've been away. I've created 2 snapshots on my site, one for google drive and the other for dropbox. When I look at them there are no links to 'view' or 'download'. Also when I go to the Snapshot Item Archive there is nothing there at all.

Please help :disappointed: :slight_smile:

Thank you