Not showing the Community send email to on Community Plug In

When someone gets the time, please let me know on the communities plugin, what specific script do I need to edit and what specifically do I need to remove to HIDE the "send email to owner" and "send email to member" and "view blog" wording on the backend?

This will solve my problem with this script if I can remove and not see that wording.



Request posted 4/1/2011, 10:34 PM

  • DavidM

    Hi Kate,

    There's quite a bit of stuff included in the relevant lines of plugin code so I'll just reference the line numbers within which you can find the relevant strings you mentioned. On those line numbers you'll find the strings of text and you'll be able to make whatever changes you want to them.

    If I might also advise, you could use a free text editor such as the fabulous Notepad++ ( for Windows or Smultron ( for Mac, not only to easily find the relevant strings of text you'd like to find, but also to easily replace them.

    That said, the text strings are all found in communities-framework.php in the plugin folder as follows:

    "View Blog"
    Lines 1108 and 3059

    "Send Message to Owner"
    Lines 830, 3526 and 3529

    "Send Message"
    Lines 1110, 1112, 1423 and 1525

    [EDIT: I couldn't find the string "send email..." so I went with the closest I could find]


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