Not sure if this is correct

I'm importing a large chunk of data with the plugin WP All Import Pro (

I’m a little stuck and wondering if you could help me out and or point me in the right direction. If you can...

Allow me to explain.

We are using custom post types and have:

Clients Sites Users Assets Services

Each are “linked” to each other and on the front end, we have dashboards:

Clients Sites Users Assets

A client dashboard with display, all sites, users, assets and services associated with said client. This is inputted into the system via a variety of Ninja Forms.

However. What I can’t figure out is how to link them in the WP ALL Import tool.

I can import a client and am making the identifier {client[1]} this makes the site and gives and id.

However, when trying to make a site. It imports the data and I’ve tried putting {client[1]} in the custom fields and with the identifier as {client[1]} but this doesn’t seem to be linking the records.

I have also tried not putting the {client[1]} field in and setting the identifier as {site[1]}

Any help / point in the right direction you can give me, would be most appreciated