Not sure of the best way to list jobs on my site

Hi all

I’m after a bit of advice really.

I’m trying to create a section on my site where people can list their requests for dog walkers and sitters. If you visit this other site which is dog walking now co uk but obviously without the spaces etc and click on the jobs tab, you can see an idea of what I’m trying to achieve with my own site.

The plugin I’ve been trying to use up to now is WP jobs manager, which is producing the listings you see at

Link removed at members request

As you can see, this is pretty poor compared to what I want to achieve. There is no way to add a photo of each dog, the form when clicked on allows the users email address to show up! (A huge bad point as far as I’m concerned) and it’s all just a bit ugly really.

Is there anything else I can use to achieve something with everything I need instead of WP Job manager plugin?

So basically it needs to;

Allow each lister to submit a pic of their dog

Ideally only allow people to reply using either a form or maybe their buddypress profile (and no one below an ‘advanced business membership’ level to reply at all), so perhaps there is a way I can block who posted the listing to everyone except advanced members?

Be searchable by job type and location.

Be either free or something within WPMU (I have membership to download any of the plugins, but I am already using the classified one on the site for actual classifieds, so maybe using this wouldn’t be an option?)

I’d be very grateful if anyone has any better suggestions or ideas for how I could make this work and look pretty :slight_smile:



  • Sally
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi Ari

    Could you elaborate a bit please? Or point me in the right direction of a tutorial or manual which explains this?

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a way to create categories in WordPress? But this would be a useful thing to learn if it means I can use plugins more than once on a website.



  • Sally
    • The Crimson Coder

    Ah ok, understood that now.

    Could you give me an idea of what text I should use (and where should I put it) to disallow strangers, free users and basic business users from replying to just the classifieds ads in the category which lists these jobs?

    Or would URL blocking work?



  • Sally
    • The Crimson Coder

    Ok, through live chat, I’ve now established that URL blocking for this won’t work, so basically using the WPMU Classifieds with an extra category doesn’t appear to be an option at all.

    So what else can I do?

    Please can anyone suggest anything? I’ve been trying to fix this all week and getting no where fast. How hard can it be to get a jobs board on the site which only advanced users can reply to the listings on? Sounds so simple?

    I don’t care anymore which plugin I use for this – I just want it working.

    The only things to be sure of are that all users can view the listings and post to them, but only advanced members can reply, plus I’d like posters to be able to add a photo when they add a listing to request a dog sitter.

    Can someone please help? I don’t want to open yet another live chat or forum thread up about this just because this keeps getting lost at the bottom of the page. I’ve explained this to just about everyone at WPMU now and I’m struggling to believe there can be no solution to this?



  • oliviersp
    • Flash Drive

    Hi @sally,

    Depend of your coding skills I would do something custom with the plugin Advanced Custom Fields and Gravity Forms.

    Otherwise you can look at the plugin WP Job Board, the “job” uploader can add the logo of a company, you could tweak it to become the picture of the dog.

    You want a custom solution, I’m not sure there is an easy way for that.

    Let me know if it helps,


  • Sally
    • The Crimson Coder

    Thanks for your help Oliviersp :slight_smile:

    My coding skills are poor I’m afraid, I looked at the Advanced custom fields and gravity forms, and it looks like the gravity forms will require some expense? At the moment, I don’t have the budget or the brains for this sadly..

    Again, with the WP Job Board plugin you mentioned, it’s going to cost me a bit to get it going. Whilst I don’t mind putting the money in if I can ever get any out of the site, at the moment all I have is my membership here which I had to scrape around to be able to afford, so I’m having to rely on free or WPMU plugins.

    I think the closest I’ve got to getting this working is the plugin

    Someone has advised on another thread that I may be able to ‘wrap’ some code around the reply form somehow for this, please see I think it was aristath who advised this.

    But there isn’t a form as such, if you see http://www.******* you can see the reply button which I’m trying to restrict. Ideally I would have liked that to have been a form, not just an email address, but for now beggers can’t be choosers and it will have to do!

    If you can help at all I would be very very grateful :slight_smile:



  • Sally
    • The Crimson Coder

    Yes that would be great, only thing is I’ve never seen an option to upload a logo on that form, so I assume this is the users Avatar rather than an image they have uploaded just for the listing?

    Either way, if I can just get the reply button restricted somehow, that would be the main part sorted, then I can worry about images etc :slight_smile:

  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello again Sally,

    I’m afraid I can’t be of assistance on this one, it’s beyond my level of expertise.

    As I mentioned earlier I have already notified the plugin developer on this one and I just pinged him again. As soon as he gets here he’ll be able to tell us if and how this can be done.



  • Eugene Manuilov
    • Syntax Hero

    Hi @sally,

    I have been thinking what might be better for you and come to conclusion that the Membership plugin doesn’t suit for your needs. It is an overkill to use it like this, and not intended to serve for this needs.

    I think that the best option for you will be to hire a freelancer, who will make your site working properly and as you need.



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