Not tracking "Page Views" or "Average Time on Site" for mapped domains…

I have been using this plugin for about a year now and I recently started really caring about all the Analytics features working wen before I only cared about visitors.

Right now, using the plugin, Google is NOT tracking the Pageviews or the Average Time On Site for any of my mapped domains. It will track it if I use the subdomain to get to the site but not when I use the mapped domain name.

See screenshot for an example of the scenario were it is the same site but one is through the subdomain and the other through the mapped domain.

The 1st and 2nd column of data are the visitors and unique visitors.

The 3rd column is the average time on site.

The 4th column in the pageviews.

Ignore the 5th column.

As you can see, before the site was mapped and people used the subdomain, it worked fine. Now, once it was mapped and people started using the mapped domain, it doesn't.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? What can I do to fix it?