Not working...

Have the domain mapping plugin installed and it doesn't seem to be working. I followed the installation to the T and double checked it, even triple checked to make sure it's right.

Anytime I go to the site I just see my cpanel home page?

Please help.

  • Barry

    Anytime I go to the site I just see my cpanel home page?

    Which suggests you didn't follow the instructions listed under Server configuration :slight_smile:

    Server Configuration

    Many times you may run into trouble where mapped domains don't resolve to your WordPress Multi-site install even though the DNS is correct for the domain you are trying to map. This is especially common with shared hosting. Some symptoms are getting a default or non-existant domain screen branded by your host. What this means is that your WordPress install/virtualhost is not set as the default for your IP address, so different domains do not load it up.

    Did you add the domain as an Add-on or park it and point it to your WP install? You should have done the later with a cpanel set up, but if you aren't running cpanel and are on your own server - you'll need to edit your vhost files.

  • Mason


    The main site is an add-on domain

    So your WordPress installation exists in a sub-directory and not at your 'root' (normally something like /username/public_html/)?

    The domain that you want mapped is the one that needs to be 'parked'. If it's currently setup as an add-on you'll want to delete the add-on and create it as a parked domain.

    So do I change it to a parked domain or should i get a dedicated IP address?

    Yes. You should get a dedicated IP address. Just to make sure that your domain mapping doesn't break down the road.