Not working as advertised.

The plugin is not saving the backups to Dropbox, and it is not performing the scheduled backup. The only backups that were done were manual.
Please advise.

This my second request. No response yet on the first.

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub

    @sbagasao, Greetings. As started within Snapshot on the Snapshot > Settings panels as well as the form where you setup the scheduling for a snapshot item. Snapshot requires the use of the built-in WP_Cron scheduling engine.

    Basically, Snapshot registers a callback function to be called at a certain time in the future by the WordPress WP_Cron system.

    So first go to Snapshot > Settings. You should see a section 'Server Info'. There should be a line about WP_Cron. What does it read? Provide a screenshot if possible.

    Next, go to the Snapshots > All Snapshots. This should be a listing of all your scheduled backups. Under the 'Interval' column it will show the last run and the next run. When it gets close to the next run the site needs to have traffic on the front-end to 'kick off' the WP_Cron scheduler.

    Last, how large are your backup archives you created from the manual snapshots? Dropbox has a published 150Mb limit on files uploaded by third party applications like Dropbox. The snapshot archive file size is in the last column on the All Snapshots page.

    Provide some details and we can try and help further.

    Also, I've closed the duplicate thread you started on this same subject. Please try not to duplicate threads.

  • sbagasao
    • New Recruit

    Thanks, I got the Cron to work, but unfortunately my website is over 150 mb. I was not aware of that limitation with Dropbox. That's the whole reason I bought this premium plugin. There are plenty of free plugins that save to the local server. In fact I just found a free plugin that saves to Google Drive, so I plan on using that instead since Google doesn't appear to have any size limitations.

    I have uninstalled Snapshot and will not be using it. I know you don't give refunds, but would I be able to exchange this plugin for one that I will actually use? I would be interested in the popup or comment plugin.


  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub

    @sbagasao, At the bottom of this page is a link to the Contact form. Try posting there.

    I guess my confusion is I'm not aware of any direct purchase of our plugins. Generally we sell memberships. The plugins and theme provided here are part of that membership. But there might have been changes recently where we are selling access to specific plugins for a price.

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