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Cannot make it show the target base template, so cannot get a valid template, only makes a template of the root template, useless unless I can get a fix.... have a clue how to fix??

I was trying to make things fly, was counting on this tool. But it is only taunting me.

I am only able to make a template of the root. So I did that, and go look to see if I can choose that on creating a new template. Answer = No, on create, no options for template selection, is the same old default signup only..

So at present this is a total bust. Can you please help resolve, have clients we were going to setup this way tomorrow.

Thanks in advance

  • DavidM

    Hi Superkids and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    I'm not totally sure I understood you right regarding the root template so please feel free to correct any misunderstanding on my part.

    It sounds like what you're trying to do is access the templates from the site creation. Is that the case? If so, they wouldn't be accessible from the front-end. The templates can only be chosen by the Super Admin upon site creation from the admin back-end at Network Admin > Sites.

    However, you can set a default template that will be used for all sites created via the front-end. Have you tried setting a default template yet?


  • Superkids

    Aloha David,

    Thank you for responding. I did not see any notice of response until a few minutes ago. So, not at all clear what previous I should have seen, except now the above comments.

    Ok, I am aware of the FRONT-END / BACK-END distinction from other posts. I would very much prefer a front-end solution. But, this does not work on the back-end either.

    So, nothing is resolved. But, it's great to hear from you.

    I installed more than once to look for a solution, but to no avail. So, I was hoping for a clue how to make it function. I have a multi-site installation, and it would still help on the back-end.

    I am also looking at another solution that does have the front-end and back-end. So I may not be toast yet. I'll take any clues, and I'll also investigate the other solution and report back.

    Thanks again, I will post another ticket too, as I need help with the store system. A separate topic.

    Aloha, AR

  • Superkids

    Ok, here's the thing.

    Before we can even go there, it cannot make a template correctly.

    The minimal instructions say to go log into the website/blog you want to make a master template from. I have tried to do this every way I can think of, in each case making certain I was seeing the target website/blog in the URL before going to the tool. In each case, it just tries to make a template from my root template, which is naturally not useful.

    So, my first, real issues is there. Then, assuming I can get good template, we could deal with the second issue. Which is even though I created as many as two template, and activated them. Remember they are both junk, because they are based on the root template, not the desired template. But, I go after that to test being able to select on on creating a new website/blog, and I am not even offered a menu like you show.

    I hav reinstalled the tool, but to be honest, outside of the config panel and such, the program seems to be enjoying e relaxing vacation, rather than pursing any sort of career achievements.

    So, maybe I need to test the other alternative tool, next. Because it may work, and have the front end. If not good, come back and have you folks install for me?

    I'll get back to you with a report on the testing in a day or so. Cool?

    Thanks for keeping an eye on this.

    Aloha, AR

  • DavidM

    Hi Superkids,

    Sorry for any confusion with the instructions, it seems they needed to be updated just a tidbit. We've caught that thanks to your feedback and if I'll go through it quickly with you here.

    Basically, what you'll want to do is navigate to Network Admin > Sites. When you hover your mouse over any of the sites you have listed there, you'll notice the link in your browser will actually display the site's id. You'll use that id for the template in the New Blog Template setup.

    Navigating to Network Admin > Settings > New Blog Template, you'll fill out the information as you did before, only using the site id from the previous step, as the blog ID.


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