Note about Featured images

I discovered something about the Featured Images for the BlogsMU theme. As seems to be the case elsewhere there's no indication about size to use for the featured image. So the first time I used this I got a display which had the image checkerboarded across the displayport (sorry no screenshot). Then I uploaded larger images and these displayed OK. However, looking at something else on the front page with Firefox Web Developer and displaying the default size of images I noticed that the frame for the featured image was larger than the image that was displayed. The frame is 600px x 200px, that is, an aspect ratio of 3:1 whereas most digital cameras are set to save images in 3:2 aspect ratio. Thus my original images appeared smaller than the space available. Here's what happens when you mix featured images of two different aspect ratios together:

So, if you want to fill the featured image frame entirely just crop your original to 600px x 200px and use as Featured Image in a post.
Now to faff about with the timing of the image carousel :slight_smile:
Hope this helps someone.