Notes About Functionality and Use

Greetings :slight_smile:

I have been doing extreme testing of this plugin and found many things that are unique to its functionality and use. WP 3.1.1 and WP 3.1.2

Plugin Version and a few previous versions.

First and foremost I found that when I activate the plugin and address the domain the sitemap is created for the site but when more posts or pages are added they are not added to the sitemap.

However, if I delete the sitemap files (2 - the regular file and the GZ file) deactivate the plugin and then re-activate it - then addressing the sitemap URL the new posts and/or pages are added to the newly created sitemap.xml but only to a certain limit.

On one site in particular there are over 100,000 posts but the sitemap shows only a little over 6000 with tags and categories and 984 without tags and categories.

At this point other then missing tens of thousands of posts - it is a great plugin.

I wish it went all the way though of course :slight_smile:

Joe :slight_smile: