Nothing to report, just a hello and a thumbs-up...

Hi everyone!

Just a quick shout to say hello - not sure if this is the right forum as such but here goes. Anyway, I've been aware of WPMUDev for some years now but never really took the plunge... until recently for a special offer.

... and wow.

What can I say. It seems like there's no way you can write a sales letter that truly lets you quantify the value of such a membership. No more co-habiting with dodgy backstreet developers or snake-oil salesmen. This membership is the real deal.

So, I don't really have anything to report (yet!) but thought I'd drop in and say *hi* and thanks for everything. Unfortunately, I'll be gone at the end of my trial month for cashflow reasons - *however* - I've seen the light and will be back for sure. I'll bet you have people returning time and again on the basis of what they've found here.

The bottom line is, if the resource in WPMUDev don't justify the cost of my subscription just a couple of months down the line then I may as well forget wordpress and go work on something easier...

... Like Joomla maybe :slight_smile:

All the best and good luck with your projects. I, for one, will be reporting back soon!