Notifications for WPMUDEV Plugins

Hey All, Happy Friday!

Today I noticed the notification about "Ultimate Branding" being updated, yay.
I'm talking about the little red dot that is appearing every now and then on the bell-icon left to our gravatar in the uper right corner here :wink:

In the past I have clicked on this notification, hoping I would learn more about the update. But instead, it always redirects me to The Hub. Why?

Being notified about your updates a nice indeed. Following the changelog of your plugins helps me to test new features and complement documentation for my clients whenever it is necessary and beneficial for them. Since I'm automating updates (not using Automate at the moment but another service instead) it's really important to update my docs asap.

At the current state of "using" WPMUDEV notifications, we will be forwarded to The Hub. But if I wished to go to The Hub I would simply use the menu-item "The Hub" next left to the bell-icon! So I need to click the "Plugins", click search + type plugin-name or scroll down until I have found it, search for the "Changelog"-Link and then - finally - I will get all the information I would be interested in from the moment of being notified.

Here's my request: Please bring us to the plugins changelog directly after clicking on the plugins notification instead uf bringing us to The Hub :slight_smile:

Oh I have another one: Please provide a date-stamp in your plugins changelog. This would help us to complement our docs in case we have missed any of the previous updates.

I wonder about how others think about this?

Thank you and have a nice day,