number of plugins- slowdown your site

Hi i have read in several places alerting about the number of plugins in your site.
How many plugins can a site have, in order to prevent slowing down ?
It´s just depend on the nomber of plugins or also the type of plugins?


  • Mindblaze


    It depends on the type of plugins and what its doing. A plugin that is PHP and database extensive is whats going to make the site heavier. Also the quality of code greatly matters.

    If you have one plugin that is badly written and wastes the server resources etc, that should be enough to push load averages high.

    The general advice is to deactivate any plugins that are not used. Removing them from the plugins directory is another thing because wordpress's core engine does skim through the files in plugins folder. (So that it can detect plugin files).

    Hope it helps.

  • aristath

    Hello there @wordev,
    There is no limit to the number of plugins that you can use and there is no recommended number of plugins. If you've read somewhere that th number of plugins has an impact on WordPress's performance then you can simply write back to them that they don't know what they're talking about.
    The number of plugins has no impact.
    You can have 80 simple plugins installed without an issue on a site, and you can have a single plugin installed that will cripple your website.
    It depends on the plugin's complexity, how well-written it is, its implementation, if it uses WordPress's hooks properly, if it uses some type of caching (for example WordPress transients) for some of the stuff it does and a lot of other stuff!

    I hope that clarifies it a bit...


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