:O) What I'm trying to achieve is the I have guests which

Hi :O)

What I'm trying to achieve is the I have guests which can see the public website, there are then 3 different levels of trainers that can see various content. There is then an add-on training package that can be applied to any of the other 3 levels.

The 3 levels are working fine as is the guest.

What I want is when the add-on access level is added to a user then they can see their level plus the additional package page.

I don't want to duplicate everything so just wanted the additional access level to just add one menu item and one page whilst leaving the permissions from the selected access level.

Hope that makes sense?

Is this possible??

Many thanks


  • Alexander

    Hi @Tim,

    It should work this way out of the box. Just create another 3 subscriptions for your add-ons. Each subscription works independently, and users can have multiple subscriptions.

    Their access is determined by all of their active subscriptions combined. If you create a new level and add a few extra pieces of content, when a user signs up for this they will get that content in addition to anything else they have from other active subscriptions.

    Best regards,

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