October 2013 breaking changes Ultimate Facebook

Keep getting the following email from facebook. I need to know if the plugin is ready:

Your app, Steuben Online has not enabled the migration for the October 2013 Breaking Changes.

Once you have confirmed your app is compliant or unaffected by the October 2013 Breaking Changes, set the migration setting to “Enabled” in the Advanced section of the App Dashboard. This will apply the October 2013 Breaking Changes to your app and prevent you from receiving future alerts about these changes.

Steuben Online, might be affected by the following changes:

POST_ID/likes format will change. Apps will be able to retrieve all likes on a post (rather than the first 4 as it is today) through paging. As a result of the functionality update, the like count will be moved to the summary field.

These changes will be permanently enabled for all apps in 25 days on Thursday, October 3, 2013.

You can view this and other Developer Notifications related your app, Steuben Online, in the App Dashboard.


The Facebook Team