Odd Double Formatting In Comment Area

I've installed the Comments Plus plugin on a site that's on a Multisite install, and its formatting strangely, placing the selection bar for the different comment provider choices (WP, FB, Twitter, G+) on the page twice, once above the comment area and once below. It only disappears if comments are turned off.


Thanks for your help!

  • Alexander

    Hi @ilanabit,

    I suspect this could be a theme conflict. Could you try switching to the TwentyThirteen theme to see if this makes a difference?

    If you can confirm it's working with the default theme, we'll need to look into how your current theme handles the comments template. In that case would you mind sending me a copy of the theme to take a look?

    If it's not working in TwentyThirteen either, can you proceed to test for a plugin conflict? This can be done by deactivating all your other plugins and checking the page to see if it's working properly. If it's working, start reactivating your plugins one at a time, and test that page. When it breaks, we'll have narrowed down which plugin is causing that conflict.

    Let me know what you find out!

    Best regards,

  • Alexander

    Hi @ilanabit,

    I'm very sorry about not getting back to your here. I recieved your email, and I've taken a look at this. I setup a new test site with your theme, and to my surprise it worked fine out of the box. I spent some time trying to "break" it - to perhaps see if I could reproduce the issue somehow.

    The only irregularity I could come up with was enabling the "Custom Comments Template" add-on from Comments Plus settings. I would recommend making sure this is turned off. This actually trigged the double formatting, but it didn't look the same was as you had it earlier.

    I think this is the problem here. I would advise double checking that this add-on is deactivated. If this doesn't help, let me know and I can look into it further.

    Best regards,

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