Oddity with CoursePress relating to functions.php with StudioPress theme

I am having an issue with the ajax saving content without having to reload the page with CoursePress. I can manually reload the page, but this slows me up and I want to make sure the plugin is not having issues for my client. I am using a StudioPress child theme and know WordPress pretty well as a Front-End developer.

I have identified that it is something related to functions.php, but it is bizarre because on one spot in functions.php if I take a space away from a php statement it loads fine, but when I copy in the remainder of my functions.php file (because I was testing it in chunks) the rest of my functions.php file still trips the same bug. None of my other plugins are having problems, and the site is working well. Debug is on and it is not picking up any other errors.

I can give you credentials to take a look under the hood.