Offer Members additional paid Content // can Membership handle that?

I've a question about Membership, hope you can help:

1. We offer some free Content (Article, Pages, Downloads)
2. For Members we offer Premium-Content (Article, Pages, Downloads) plus: automatic subscription to Daily Newsletter A.
No problem until there - works fine. Great Plugin!!!

What we want to do now is: offer Members additional paid Content (Downloads) and several Daily Newsletter with different focus. So Members can click at some offer like "Hey, get you this great Newsletter. Only xx,yy $/month" or "What about this cool PDF-Download. For only ww.rr $".
I would like to avoid installing some Shopping-Plugin.

Can Membership-Plugin handle that?

We use:
- WordPress 3.2.1.
- Membership 2.0.7

Thanks in advance,