Offer to pay developers for marketpress plugins

I was browsing WooThemes today to look for a theme for a potential client and I stopped by their WooCommerce pages. There are a lot of extensions and plugins for WooCommerce, almost 7 pages of stuff. Apparently they've been paying people outside of the company to develop them. I was a little astonished at the amount of extension possibility to it.

Now, I prefer MarketPress, it certainly has the lead especially because of that beautiful multisite feature. Aaron has always said that he built MP to be extensible, but to date we are still only seeing a handful of extension plugins for MP come out of the community. The downside of those plugins and extensions to MP is that they are hard to find. Available only through diverse forum threads or old blog posts on

MP is a flagship product for you guys. Why not do two things to help give it more support.

- Add an extensions/plugins tab to the MarketPress product page and list all the community built extensions there. Have one of your staff developers hit review them for quality control to maintain standards.
- Pay for extensions. Even as a proud card-carrying member of WPMU DEV, if you selling additional extensions that were not part of the plugins package I get with membership, I would still buy them if I needed them. But if membership sales are up, then why not just pay contract developers to build out extension and plugins to add on to MP and add them to your plugins portfolio.

MarketPress is beyond awesome and WooCommerce is a younger product, but for some reason it appears (via marketing) to be more mature and well-supported. Part of that comes from the number of available extensions to it. I know that there are plenty of features that members here have asked for that would never qualify to make it into core and Aaron just doesn't have the time build extensions for it. Some of these include payment gateways, different shipping options, I've asked for buddypress acheivements compatibility. What about conditional product variations (select one option, then select another based on the previous choice)? These are all things that fall into plugin/extension area and as a business, I think it would be in your interest to find ways to get these extensions created, especially if the community isn't making them themselves.

WordPress e-commerce plugins have become a rather crowded space and MP for all its advantages, just doesn't feel as lustrous as some of the others. Browsing themeforest there are dozens of themes supporting the competing plugins and designed around them. WooCommerce has all those extensions (not to mention themes - there hasn't been a new MP theme released in ages).

I hope you'll all take this criticism in the spirit that I mean it, MarketPress is a fantastic product. It has not only given me opportunities on my own multisite network, but because of my experience with it, I get approached by other people wanting me to build the same for their own niche. To that end, I want to see MarketPress continue to grow and maintain its shine in that competitive market that it is now competing in.

  • Mason

    Hiya @Saunt Valerian,

    So, since the new site launch we've been working full-on on two projects:
    - An even cooler, sleeker version of our DEV Dashboard plugin
    - A complete overhaul of our scheduled live chats with even more time slots

    Literally, we're putting the final touches on both and they'll be released to the wild shortly.

    Once that is done, our shift is going to focus to WPMU Jobs:

    You can see it's been left out in the cold a little and we don't even link to it anymore in the main navigation. However, that is not because we're planning to let it die a slow, painful death. Rather, we're planning to turn it into a super awesome, helpful area where new ideas and developments can be requested, tracked, paid for, and then implemented.

    The scope's pretty broad right now, but yeah, it's definitely what's next. We love MarketPress, it is one of our most popular plugins and we want to trick it out and keep it current with the latest tech available.

    Not only that, but when it comes to MarketPress, we have a very strategic plan to integrate this plugin across the board with all our other products. You can see this with MarketPress and Affiliates currently, but we're not stopping there. Soon e-newsletter will be able to control the style/branding of MarketPress emails (if desired).

    We value your loyalty and totally expect you to hold us to the fire on this stuff. It's in the works. The fact that you're getting more work because of your MarketPress experience is nothing short of awesome. We'll find and are open to loads of options that help make everyone here more successful.

    Thanks for bringing it up!

  • jameswilliams90

    Hi Guys

    I am with you guys at WPMU but at lease on the surface I also see woocommerce surpassing marketpress in terms of flexibility and features.

    Gateways, Marketing (like site wide sales and better coupon support) and tighter integration with 3rd party newsletter services are all big on my wishlist.

    As a site developer/configurer rather than a coder it frustrates me to think that I have to choose between MP and Woo in the future. If I have to go down woo path I'm unlikely to sustain WPMUDEV as well, as marketpress support is my primary reason for holding it.

    I would gladly pay extra for woo commerce options for marketpress on top of my subscription if it meant I didn't have to move. Im sure others would choose to buy as well (devs with spare time take note) The issue is not money, it's the support in terms of availability of features our customers are looking for.

    With plugins already available for woo platform surely there is a way to fast track these same features for marketpress...

    Food for thought


  • josh

    Yea this a good idea. I am currently coming into a lot of roadblocks in my multisite network development. I have a lot of questions to ask on how to enable certain features, but I know it is going to requires some custom coding most likely.

    It would be nice to see more support being given for Marketpress as it is what lured me into becoming a member. Maybe there is a way to have a section with custom code plugins or extensions to enable marketpress to have certain features. For instance, I wanted to be able to use it along with prosites and have different levels be able to list different amount of products. If they want to post more products in their store, they have to pay more money. This requires custom coding. However, there are numerous people that would like this feature, and instead of adding it into marketpress and prosites themselves, maybe it could be enabled through code snippets and some alterations on my (the user) end. Kind of like a tutorial, with no guarantees. Just a disclaimer saying that it isn't a normal feature so there may be bugs or something IDK.

    Or a section where users members can share how they altered MP along with whatever other plugins or extensions to enable certain features.

    Ex. Title: How to enable product limitations for different levels (Marketpress & Prosites)

    Install these three code extension plugins. Then do this and do this and do this.
    You should now have the ability to limit amount of product listings with Prosites and MP.

    I'm a real newbie when it comes to all the coding and development stuff so I apologize ahead of time if this really isn't feasible.

    Don't get me wrong I really enjoy WPMU Dev along with everything they offer. Just my ideas on how to make it better.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @josh

    Hope your well today and thanks for your suggestions and feedback, certainly appreciated :slight_smile:

    On the

    If they want to post more products in their store, they have to pay more money. This requires custom coding.

    This is possible out of the box when using Pro Sites :slight_smile:

    In network admin > pro sites > modules/gateways > enable the "Limit Publishing" Module, this will then allow you to set the limit for how many products can be added.

    For example level 1, can add ex amount of products, upgrade to level 2, to list more :slight_smile:

    But you certainly have some great ideas there :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

  • josh

    Hi @ Jack

    Really?! :slight_smile:

    Can you help me with this limit product publishing feature?

    I want to have users/store owners to be able to have their own site where they can post products and whatever else they would like.

    I'm understanding that Prosites links pages and products together and media and posts together.

    I don't want to limit how many products they have to how many pages they can have. What if they want to have a page on policies and another on reviews and so on. From my understanding, this would hinder this ability.

    Let me know if I should start a new thread where you can help me.


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