Official WPMU DEV Forum Changes are coming! - Your input requested!

We've discussed it internally. We've listening to your ideas and moved pieces into place. Now, it is officially underway!

We've put together our favorite ideas for implementation to the forums here at WPMU DEV and development is beginning, but we want your feedback as well! So, please, tell us which is your favorite. Give us some +1s. Remind us of the things we've forgotten.

To help prioritize things, we've categorized the suggestions as follows:

Must Haves - these are deal breakers - considered top priority.

Would Be Nice - Although not critical in the way ‘must haves’ are, they should be considered and ultimately implemented as time allows.

Wishes - these are ideas that need to be considered, but may be a bit ‘out there’ in terms of what can actually be done at the moment. If you had a genie, these are what you’d be asking him for - and yes, you can only have 3! :smiley:

Other Considerations - these are not necessarily forum improvements, but other ideas to consider as far as support practices and procedures here.

So please give us your feedback and take a look at our internal list below:

Must Haves:

* A “resolved” cateogry which could be separate from “closing” a thread but essentially do the same thing (just look a bit better).

Here’s an example. I like the green check mark as well:

* An 'email notification' system similar to what they have on .org for forum posts.

* Code entry code entry code entry - The code editor for bbPress needs some serious work. To provide serious support we must be able to accurately display html, css, and php code in the forums.

Sortable columns for most recent activity on profile page:

* Display forum rules and resources (links, tutorials, videos, etc). Most forums have a front page that displays the individual Forums, general notices and perhaps ‘top stickies’. Click on the individual forums and then see forum-specific stickies and individual threads.

Here's an example from vBulletin that we could kinda run with:

Would Be Nice:

* Ability to for moderators and/or users to escalate a thread. Give those who legitimately have been over-looked a way to sorta 'wave their arms' for help.

* A BETA Forum should be added where BETAs of plugins can be tested and discussed.

* Many forums show unread posts in bold. Is this possible to do with bbPress? We'd like to find out!

* Sticky Posts do tend to get out of control (too many up top). Having certain posts sticky to the front page while others are only stickies at the top of their Forum on a sub-page would totally rock.

Wishes: Stand Out from the Crowd!

* Ajax posting of responses - the same way it’s done in the P2 Theme with inline comments. This would be absolute genius. (And is Mason's personal favorite idea here)

* Transition from bbPress stand alone to bbPress plugin or bbPress 1.1?

* Member-led wiki for plugins, posts, solutions, and member-coded plugin, add-ons, or child themes.

Other Considerations:

* Upgrade the Rep Points! Give free lifetime membership to anyone with over 1000 points on their reputations with a caveat that it needs to include at least 5 gifts from other members