Oh Dear! I've been bitten by The Blackhole Exploit Kit! Help :(

I've been pretty inactive as of late, so I have no idea when my website was compromised. In short, I felt motivated today to play on my site (tutuology.com) and was hit between the eyes with a big ugly Blackhole Expl Kit threat. In a panic, I spent the next 8 hours trying to remedy my hell. I am able to force my way in to admin, but otherwise, my website is inaccessible (to PC users...Apple is OK). Once in admin, I am redirected to this crazy path: http dot//mamazwiara.home.pl/clik.php (not sure that I would click on it if I were you).

Then I thought to check out my .htaccess file and it is totally jacked! Will attach a scrnsht. Any help would be greatly appreciated.