Oh Snap - Marketpress 2.4.2 on WP 3.3.

So things were going well until recently when I upgraded to MP 2.4.2 and WP 3.3. All of the sudden our sales tanked and we started getting calls from confused customers.

I assumed maybe the Quick Cache plugin was no longer compatible with wp 3.3 so I deactivated it. We have a dedicated server, so we should be okay with load times.

Unfortunately today we got a call from a customer looking for a product that they knew we sell. Sure enough I went into our shopping cart from our home page and it was missing. So I created a new product and made it live.

While creating the new product, I noticed that it was indeed already in our shopping cart. It just wasn't showing up on our MarketPress Product Grid. (even though it has the same tags) ... Instead there were two of another item (which shouldn't be possible) on the grid. I checked and sure enough, the grid is displaying 2 of one exact item and none of another. When I added the new product, it shows up on the grid.

This is absolutely bizarre. My only guess is that the Marketpress Product Grid plugin by Nick Daugherty is no longer 100% compatible to marketpress 2.4.2 since the recent update.

Any ideas? This is killing our sales. :slight_frown: