Ok guys. Depending

Ok guys. Depending on this will be the pivoting point between you and woocommerce. I would rather stay with marketpress for this client though. Here is the deal...

They have currently v2.9 and 3+ has changed stuff around and upgrading hasnt been as easy as installing it. My problem is that in the < 3.0 Store settings page in the presentation tab, you could specify Store URL Slugs. Well the store base is fine but when you get to products list, this is where it jumps the shark.... In the < 3.0 version the products list is specified as /store/natural-stone-veneer In the 3+ version I CANT specify /store/natural-stone-veneer. natural-stone-veneer is NOT a page it is a list of the product categories of which there are 90+ so I cant recreate that page in marketpress and therefore can upgrade the version of marketpress so I am at a major crossroads here. I really need some assistance here BIG TIME. Thanks.