Ok Have just sat and watched all the tutorial vids


Have just sat and watched all the tutorial vids on membership, but still have a couple of questions.

Will it be possible to incorporate ‘social login’ plugin and membership? By that I mean will I be able to have free members use the social login buttons to get access to my groups, forums etc, and then if they want to be able to view and reply to dog walking jobs my free users post in the classifieds board will I be able to get them to upgrade to paid membership using membership?

Noting that the rest of the classifieds will be accessible to all ie dog products, but I want a jobs board on the site where dog owners can list things they need like a dog walker/sitter. If possible, I’d like the jobs board to show on the site in a completely different section to the ‘dog items for sale’. Is there also a way to do this? Sorry I know this crosses over into the classifieds plugin questions, but just trying to get a general idea and it’s so complicated to explain in multiple posts.