Ok I used the membership and it created and loop that stopped my website

I was working on membership section it created a loop that shut the website down. the files of ot4a.com and ontime4anything.com need to be case sensitive - I may have made on one way with capitals and one another way with small letters. In either case when membership is active the website goes down.

So maybe it would be better to delete the whole plug in re install and start over with just the standard membership and no dripped version. at this point I just want to have dealers sign in in order to see the shopping area.

it would be nice if I could get and email of those that sign in and if I do not want them to be members disable them in some way.

  • Roy

    I have changed nothing in the membership plug in (yet) I just deactivated it. when active the loop is created and my web site stopped. I have not desire to activate it again because I am doing a promotion for the balance of the month.

    I was messing with the levels when the problem occured. You are welcome to look if will you with others.

    I think I need to simplify instead of the dripped membership or need to look for another provider.

    I thought I was paying for the right membership tool. maybe not this one. did not ask enough questions. My original goal was to have a set of deal numbers as a csv and when the dealers registered they would include the dealer ID code in order to have access to content on our site not available to others (ordering, pricing, promotions and so forth) that appears to be not an option with WPMU

    I suppose just being able to block access to non members would help - that is why I am thing deleting the plug in and starting over with the basic set up might be better.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Roy,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for the additional information.

    I believe I know what happened here, when you install Membership, by default the actual content protection is not enabled.

    If that was enabled without all the access levels setup you need and a visitor level wasn't defined in membership > options > general.

    And all pages must be set in membership > options > membership pages.

    Only once all that is set, should the content protection be enabled.

    We're here to help. :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

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