ok it's now September 2012, I'm about to activate the affiliate plugin and I need help.

If I have memberships running, and I’m about to enable affiliates, is there any advice I need to know? Steps to take, or other things?

I only have one test member.

I’m running all up to date stuff.

multisite installation on one domain, with two themes. One main and one in a subdirectory. I have simple press installed and have set up memberships properly, I think.

I hid the wordpress dashboard for members and I don’t know if they will need that for the affiliate info. I have a theme by wpzoom and they added a widget in the dash I can’t seem to remove.

Please, anyone with experience at this, please give me some pointers. I’m now at the tail end of configuration and I want to make the right choices.

I chose wpmudev membership and affiliate over s2member and idev affiliate, for reasons unknown. I guess I wanted to give wpmudev a shot so maybe the plugins would act nice with each other etc. and for future upgrade simplification.