Ok. I've had this issue for a while now and no one seems

Ok. I’ve had this issue for a while now and no one seems to be able to solve it! I’m almost ready to pay someone to fix it.

Ill go through from the start.

After installing the Ultimate Facebook plugin, whenever I would select “Override WordPress discussion settings” both the Facebook comments and WP comments would disappear. If the box was unticked both types of comments would appear and I only wanted the Facebook comments.

Issue was talked about here


The solution implemented was adding #respond {display : none !important} to the css. So the “Override WordPress discussion settings” now stays unticked to show both comments and the CSS hides he WP comments. Great, problem solved I thought.

Issue now is that the facebook comments on my WP page are not linked to the comments on my facebook page.



As you can see I have commented on each page separately yet they do not appear on the other page.

I love this plugin in but if this cannot be sorted I will have to find another plugin to spend my money on which I do not want to do!

Settings are:

– Import Facebook comments: Unticked

– Use Facebook for comments: Ticked

– Override WordPress discussion settings: Unticked (Please do not ask me to tick this as if you read the post you will realize ticking this makes the comment box disappear)