Ok lets play with directory

Hi guys.

After search and researches, none of directory plugins outthere fit my needs.

The “dev oriented” approach here could be the solution. But i have many questions.

– Need to modify the listing registration form to have it “in the order” : name, surname, town, state, etc. Created custom fields but those one must appear at to TOP of the page. Which field should i modify to do that ?

– Need to modify the listing display. For a business directory, i need each entry shows “name/surname/city” and other things, excerpt even content is totally useless for me. Not post title which is quite useless, unless i educate people to set title as name/surame OR that name/surname autogenerate post title. Same question on file to modify :slight_smile:

– Need to set up a multicreteria search form (category, state, region for ex). Huh well, is there some docs about that ?

– in the same way would like to create clicable maps. So each map region should return a search result on one criteria. Possible ?

– the “leave a review” does not seem to work. The form appears but immediately disappears to let place to the customfield list.

– last but not least : directory comes with gateway relay. Will need it since i will have nos several sites using the same paypal account, on several installs. Where to find docs on that also ?

thanks !!!!