ok - seem to have domain mapping working in all respects

ok - seem to have domain mapping working in all respects and maybe just need to give it some time but if you've run across this issue, please explain it to me.

i set up test.domain1.com and it created the subdomain and wp loaded the default blog page when visiting site. I have a domain that i purchased over a year ago that i never assigned my nameservers for my reseller account as default settings for it nor did i assign any default settings provided by my registrar (directnic) (parked, free hosting, their dns servers, etc) It sat in my domain account like an abandoned crt monitor.

I went to directnic, created an A record for my ip and through the trouble shooting process, I now have the a record pointing to test.domain1.com and i went ahead and set the nameservers to mail.domain2.com

What I have been troubleshooting is the issue that the admin panel for test.domain.com and mapped the domain2.com work fine but the page that loads looks like spam! If I type in test.domain1.com it redirects the first time to the spam page and then caches and goes to the spam page showing sponsored results for:

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Has it just not resolved because usually directnic with my nameservers at hostgator resolves instantly. any idea what up? It has been several hours now...