Uminified JS files?

Ok, so i am sure this is "not recommended", but I'm in a bit of a pickle here at work that I'm wondering if you can help me with. Can I get unminified popup-admin.min.js and public.min.js files? I am trying to use your PopUp plugin on a site for my job, but I cannot customize your popups enough to match the designs of our Art Director. I've already written the scripts for the various popups and they look exactly like they are supposed to, but I can't get them to look right in your Add New PopUp part of the plugin. So I wanted to know if I could have the unminified code to see if there is some way I can over ride your plugin template with my own? Is that possible? Fingers crossed.

  • Philipp Stracker

    Hi @mdnotin,

    I have attached the unminified scripts for plugin version for you.
    Hope this helps :wink:

    You can rename them to ".min.js" and put them in your plugins js/ folder to test some changes. But remember that the files will be overwritten when you update the plugin on next release...

    Btw: Also have a look at the file

    There we use a custom WordPress hook "popup-output-data" to append an initialization javascript for the PopUp.
    This script is executed right before the PopUp is displayed and you can provide your own script using that hook to modify the PopUp structure or attach custom event handlers, etc.


    add_action( 'popup-output-data', 'append_script', 10, 2 );
    function append_script( $script_data, $popup ) {
    	@$script_data['script'] .= get_the_script();
    	return $script_data;
    function get_the_script() {
    	function( me ) {
    		console.log ('Initialize the popup: ', me);
    	$code = ob_get_clean();
    	return $code;

    Let us know in case you have any questions about this. It may also help to know which customization you are looking for (e.g. a screenshot of the mockup) so we can offer a solution more directly.

    Thanks, Philipp

  • mdnotin

    @Philipp Stracker @Michelle Shull. Thank you again for the help on this. Just as an update, here is what I ended up doing for those who want to create their own popovers from scratch in the future. So, I looked through the unminified JS files you sent, and I figured out a very hacky way of putting my own templates in. It basically would just swap out your data for my data. So, I thought that there was probably a better way to do this so that I could include all your conditions functionalities with my popovers, so after searching through your code so more I found a way. What I ended up doing was actually just creating my own templates, mimicing the file structure in plugins->popover->css->tpl. I noticed that those file names were in the dropdown menu of the Appearance module when you are adding a new popup/over/whatever, or editing an old one. So I created a new file for my template in that tpl file, and just copied the three files from the minimal folder (could really be any of the other folders in tpl); style.css, style.php and template.php, then I opened style.php in my new folder and changed "Minimal" in the line $info->name = --("Minimal", PO_LANG); to what I wanted to name my template, and low and behold, my template appeared in the dropdown menu. So then I just styled it myself by creating a file of my own styles and adding those classes to the template document. This way all the functionalities of your plugin would be available, but I could create whatever look I wanted! Anyway, I've attached on of the templates as well as a file called _newModal.scss that has my styles. To get it to work just put the file in your popovers->css->tpl file. If you have trouble getting the scss file to display my styles let me know. What a ride! -- Welp, I've tried a few times to upload my own files to this post, and it seems that I can't. So, you'll have to take my word for it!

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