OK, so what's the purpose of [eab_calendar] if it doesn't work properly?

WP: 3.5.1, BP: 1.6.4, Events+: 1.53, Example URL: http://moparclubconnections.com/events-calendar

I've read three threads so far:


and all of them basically say the same thing. Your page slug for your events page must match the slug defined in the settings for it to work properly. By working properly I mean there's a indication of which month you're viewing and the Prev/Next links at the bottom of the calendar.

Now, if you set up a page with a slug named "events-calendar" for example, but leave the slug named "events" in the settings page, you still get a calendar, but with NO month indicator NOR Prev/Next at the bottom of the calendar.

If I wanted to drop the calendar on any random page, it will only display the calendar without the heading nor navigation.

I read another thread where I could use the date option: [eab_calendar date="01/01/13"] for January, then [eab_calendar date="02/01/13"] for February, etc.. But that's like hard-coding. I need to control the page slug so I can use the Membership plugin to restrict the calendar feature for "Premium Members".

So, my question is this: Why have this shortcode if it doesn't work? Are there plans to address this?

Other than that, I think the plugin rocks!