OK, there are two plugins and it is hard for me to know

OK, there are two plugins and it is hard for me to know which to use as I am new to WPMUdev.

We want to put courses online, and we want to control where people have access on our site. We also would like to manage who can see which wikis on our site.

  • Michelle Shull
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    Hello again, John!

    I think this is another great job for Protected Content.

    Like I mentioned in the thread about protecting Wikis, you can do the same thing with courses, then allow or restrict access to your members based on the membership level they're assigned to. So, in your example, you could have a Staff group that can see the Wikis, and a Student Group that can see the courses. Visitors and users who aren't members of either group can have a third membership level that doesn't allow access to either Wikis or Courses, and any other content you want to save for your higher membership levels.

    Hope this helps, and we're happy to have you here! Welcome to WPMUDev!

  • Tyler Postle
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    Hey again John :slight_smile:

    You would only need Protected Content for this. Not membership. Infact, you shouldn't use Protected Content and Membership on the same site they both provide similar features and may cause conflicts.

    You can protect units or the course post type same way as I mentioned in the wiki post :slight_smile:


    Or you can also use the URL groups add-on and place in the course urls.

    Hope this helps John!

    All the best,

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey John,

    Just wanted to follow up here and make sure you're all good to go? :slight_smile:

    Do you have any further questions on this?

    I'm worried my last response wasn't a very clear answer to your question:

    So does protected content work hand in hand with Membership?

    Top answer it directly, they don't work hand in hand. Best to use one or the other to avoid conflicts :slight_smile:

    Please do let me know if you have any further questions.

    Have a great rest of your week John!


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