Ok, this is a bit complicated so bear with me. I have

Ok, this is a bit complicated so bear with me.

I have a Multisite install where each individual site has it's own business listing directory.

right now, the business listing directory i'm using is true-multisite compatible, in that, it uses a separate table for storing it's site's listing information on a per site basis.

So far so good.

I still want to maintain that separation. However, I would like to create a setting for all the site's listing post type that would allow the listing owner to share that particular listing (or a collection of listings) with the rest of the multisite network.

I'm wondering: does the post indexer allow you to look for such a setting? can it ignore posts that have specific fields selected or is there a better way to do this?

  • Jude

    Hi There @m33,

    Hope you are doing great. What you are looking at is definitely possible, except the part where the user decides which listings to make public.

    In its current form you can only share(broadcast) all listings across the network. There are 2 ways around this, one is you create a separate post type like 'sitewide-listing' and index only those the other way is add a custom field to the listing itself and modify post indexer a bit to conditionally pick up only the ones which the user chooses.

    Hope that made sense ?

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