Okay, I surrender

So far, I’ve got my site pretty much how I want it.

I’ve turned membership off for the time being so the site’s accessible. Have worked with TONS of plugins and have been able to get the details worked out (marketpress, classifieds, funder–some lingering issues with fund raiser, but more on that later.

Anyway, I’m not an ace at this stuff, but I’m not a complete idiot.

Membership is making me feel like a complete idiot. LOL

I’ve beaten my head against this particular wall till I can’t see straight and I just can’t seem to get it to do what I want it to do.

The site referenced above…its purpose is to help non profits do their stuff more efficiently and more effectively. As such, it’s got groups, all the usual buddypress bells and whistles, plus shared docs the fund raising module, marketpress, classifieds and a whole bunch of other stuff besides.

Basically anything I could think of (and, after extensive meetings with local area non profit leaders and “on the ground” folks), I added it.

All I’m trying to do with membership is create three layers.

A visitor layer (unregistered) – all he can see is the registration page

A PtP Essentials layer – he can see everything and fully interact with the site, but cannot create groups or blogs


A PtP Professional layer – he can do everything, including creating groups and blogs.

I watched the Membership vid, I read the membership manual, I marched thru the steps of creating access levels and assigning rights, then creating my subscription plans and….

….it’s not doing what I need it to do. Worse, I’m not really sure even how to proceed at this point. LOL

Like I said, I’ve been staring at it for so long at this point, maybe I just need to take a step back, but before I did that, I wanted to post something here. If there’s anybody reading this who has experience with configuring this plugin and making it sing, please get in touch. (cdhartpence (at) hotmail).

I’ll pay you for your time…I just wanna get it working so I can start going around to the Salvation Army, Habitat and the others and show them what I’ve got and what it can do for them. :slight_smile: