Okay, I'm pissed (but not at you): need MU backup solution stat

So I've been using PluginBuddy. As far as I recall, the assured me that I could backup an entire multisite install and restore it. It's got loads of features, including domain migration, etc. But...

When I tried restoring one of my multisite backups, it all went to sh..bad. They're now claiming that network backups are very beta and shouldn't be relied on. That's after months of thinking I was safe with that product.

Snapshot looks nice, but can it do a full multisite backup, or just the database? Can it be set for programmable, offsite saves? Is there a good, complete, multisite, ENTIRE site backup tool that will backup all the files, themes, modifications, and data from a full multisite install, preferably automagically and preferably to something like an S3 account?

Please advise. I'm now seriously nervous about my installations.


  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Ya I was led to believe their multisite support would do it import and export single sites. Not sure about whole networks and I'm not sure what they advised.

    Snapshot looks nice, but can it do a full multisite backup, or just the database? Can it be set for programmable, offsite saves?

    Its not really for full site backups as such but you can set it up to back up each site.

    It wouldn't yet allow you to import to other networks or anything though.

    Are you on cPanel or Plesk or anything?

    cPanel can backup the entire site, emails, etc and then FTP them to a remote FTP account. I think Plesk might as well.

    Or you could look into rsync which is a little more complex:


    Nas drivers/servers like QNAP also support RSYNC and have options to log in to your server with FTP and then take the files and store them locally.


    Also supports S3 as you see.

    Anyway, I guess the point is you can't always rely on a plugin to do everything.

    Take care.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    RTRR is the other option with QNAP:

    RTRR (Real-time Remote Replication) allows one-way data replication between two servers/locations (including FTP server) in real time or according to the specified schedule.

    So you get cPanel to do the backup then get the QNAP to login and take those files to back em up locally to you.

    Take care.

  • David
    • The Crimson Coder

    Well, of course I could write my own MySQL export and rsync cron. But I'm lazy and would prefer to find something less fraught. The Buddy people kinda claim multisite works, so I'm going to annoy them for a while.

    I've reached the age where annoying people is less work than coding, so take from that what you will.

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