Okay, sorry again.

Okay, sorry again. This isn't about the dashboard because I couldn't find the Upfront theme selection menu.

Anyway, I have a deadline coming up and was wondering if there was any way to unlock the video tutorials (for Upfront, that is) right away because I'm getting so much out of the Introduction but I don't have the time to wait until December (as this project is due in November) to see the rest of the tutorials!

Please advise and assist as I really want to know how to use Upfront and all its features before I die (because then I will not be able to complete the website in time).

This is an urgent and thought-through request. I hope WPMUDEV can comply as I don't have much longer to waste on this project. Thank you so much.


  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Caleb,

    I'm afraid that unlocking academy course units before time is not possible, each unit has time frame for going over it and submitting required data afterwards, unlocking it ahead of time would mean changing entire course structure and that would also require notifying everyone enrolled in course about the changes made.

    You can still check Upfront documentation for help with this:

    I'm currently looking at your thread about the menu and will update you there with the status.

    Best regards,

  • caleb.mkdaman

    Then it looks like I have to depend on you guys to help me customise the website.

    I don't know enough about Upfront to maximise its customisation. I also don't understand why when I tried adding a map to show where the company is located on the Contact Us page, it appeared even on my homepage. I'm confused. Why is everything linked to the homepage? What is the homepage? (its URL)...I thought each page should be distinct, no? Of course, each page should have some same elements like navigation and footers and headers, but why did the maps I create on the Contact Us page move to the homepage as well? I deleted them off the Contact Us, but they were then deleted off the homepage as well?!?

    Thank you for your aid.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello caleb.mkdaman!

    I think the issue here is that you're most likely adding a map to a region that's global. A global region is available "everywhere" so if it's used on each page, all the modules that you add to it will be there.

    Let me start with homepage though: you are right and every page IS distinct. The default Upfront homepage however is a "virtual" page so it doesn't physically exist in your WordPress database. It's "dynamically" created, unless you use WP settings ("Settings -> Reading":wink: to select any of the existing pages to be your Front page.

    Then, there's a layout that you create. This is what you actually design with Upfront, it's quite similar to regular WP custom page templates with that difference that it's stored in database and created entirely with Upfront editor. On any page that's not a homepage, you would notice that when you save it asks you whether to save changes "for this page/post only" or for all "posts/pages of this type". Saving for "this only" is pretty self explanatory; saving for "all of this type" is like saving a custom page template (e.g. for single post page).

    Drilling down a bit: on each layout there are regions. Region is a "base" and you put modules (from "Draggable Elements":wink: onto "regions". Region, by comparison, is kinda like "row" in Divi or other builders.

    By default, a region is "local" to the page that you are editing. You can however set it to "global" and re-use on other pages. Examples of such regions are e.g. menu part (header), footer. If you drag any element into region that's "global" this element will appear on each and every page where this same global region is re-used.

    I'm pretty sure this is what's happening with your map element. The solution would be to create a new region that wouldn't be global and put the map there. You can edit any region by clicking on "Edit background" icon that shows up when you're hovering your mouse over region (it's always in top-right corner of a region). When you enter edit mode for a region ("Edit background":wink: you'll see whether the region is marked as global or not (after clicking "Settings" icon) and also be able to add a new one by clicking on a relevant yellow + icon (top, bottom, right or left edge).

    I hope that helps!

    Best regards,

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